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Dritz Quilt Hangers Unfinished

UGC 3207
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Prix d'origine $19.99 - Prix d'origine $19.99
Prix d'origine
$19.99 - $19.99
Prix actuel $19.99

The Dritz Quilt Hangers make it fast and easy to showcase your work. These hangers are easy to use, just measure and secure quilt hangers to wall using the keyhole slots, then insert quilt in slot and hang! There is no need to puncture fabric in any way. The marble inside the hanger rolls down and pinches fabric against wood for tight tension. These unfinished wood hangers can be painted or stained to match any room decor. This pack includes 2 hangers ( 1.75in x 3.25in x 1.5in).

  • Ready to stain or paint
  • Ready to hang with keyhole slot
  • Wood

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