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Art East Quilting Co Puffin Star Quilt Pattern

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Puffin Star Quilt Pattern Booklet. Advanced beginner (skill level 2) - small pieces, diagonal piecing and a few points to match. This pattern includes the instructions for creating the 52.5in x 52.5in quilt as shown on the cover. This quilt is traditionally pieced. The pattern is laid out in a way that you can also create the large puffin block (15in x 15in finished) and small puffin block (8in x 8in finished) individually for smaller projects or different quilt layouts. Instructions and images are included for creating the blocks facing in both directions. A background fabric cutting guide layout is also included to make the most of your fabric while cutting. The pattern is 20 pages, printed in full color and saddle stitched with a soft laminate cover.

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